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Two New Laws Awaiting Governor Walker's Signature

May 16, 2013 5:35 PM

Wisconsin ATV Association
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SHEBOYGAN, WI (May 16, 2013) - The Wisconsin ATV Association (WATVA) has worked tirelessly with our partners on two bills that will improve the ATV & UTV sport. Both of these bills have passed the Assembly and Senate on a unanimous voice vote and are now awaiting the Governor's signature.

SB - 29: Created an off road vehicle council

  • This new law corrects a past administrative action that removed the official standing and status of the original ORV Council
  • Expands the advice and recommendation role to include the Dept. of Natural Resources, the Dept. of Transportation, the Governor's office and the State Legislature
  • Current status was only advisory to Dept. of Natural Resources which also required the same stance and position as the DNR took. This new status allows independent position(s)
  • As ATV & UTV registration numbers continue to grow, the equally increasing, self- generated fund will now have the same citizen oversight and status that other registration programs have (i.e. Snowmobile Council)
  • Recommendations and advice for which ATV grant applications are approved for funding will continue to be a high priority for this council
  • The ATV / UTV user group that generates the fund, will be in a better position to help control the decisions regarding the spending of our fund

Senate Bill 29 was introduced by Senators Leibham, Petrowski, L. Taylor, Gudex, Harsdorf, Lassa, Moulton, Tiffany and Vinehout. It was cosponsored by Representatives Severson, Czaja, Ripp, Bies, Brooks, Endsley, Kestell, Murtha and LeMahieu

SB - 32: Created new age restrictions & altered the safety certificate requirement plus made changes regarding the operation of an ATV / UTV

  • A change for under youth under age 12 on private property & public trails
  • A change for youth age 12 through 15 on public road routes
  • A change for those born on or after 1/1/1988 under certain
  • A change for mandatory speeds on road routes under certain conditions
  • Parallels the Youth Hunting Mentorship program by creating parent or parent approved adult oversight (grandparents, uncle/aunt, etc.) for youth under age 12 on private property other than their parent's. Grandparents can now legally take an under age 12 grandchild on a small ATV (90cc or less) under their ACCOMPANYMENT on private property not owned by the parent's. This law strengthens the oversight requirement by requiring the parent approved adult to accompany the youth at all times when ATV riding is not on the parent's own property. An amendment was added allowing the under age 12 rider, on a small ATV, to have the same accompaniment provisions by a parent approved adult, to also ride under these same conditions on public trails.
  • This law strengthens the oversight requirement for youth, ages 12 - 15, while riding legal road routes, now requiring the parent, or a parent approved adult, to accompany these aged youth on road routes. Current law allows a 12-15 year old to legally ride alone on road routes, after passing the Wisconsin DNR ATV safety course.
  • Allows an opportunity to test ride ATVs and UTVs without the DNR safety certificate as long as the activity is supervised (accompanied by) with safety gear mandated, operated at slower speeds and in a controlled environment. Currently anyone born on or after 1/1/1988 (which affects 12 through 25 year olds this year) cannot test ride an ATV without first passing the ATV DNR safety course.
  • This law allows ATV / UTV road route speeds to be set by the local jurisdiction versus the state mandate of the 10 mph requirement when the road route is within 150' of a dwelling or 100' of a person. In many locations across Wisconsin, the 10 mph route requirement impedes traffic flow, thereby creating an unsafe riding environment. As under current administrative code, the 10 mph requirement would still apply to public trails and recreational use on public frozen waterways in relationship to people and dwellings. An amendment clarified the 10 mph speed will not apply on frozen waterways when applicable to spectators at legitimate race
  • competitions on the ice.

SB 32 was introduced by Senators Leibham, Petrowski and L. Taylor; and cosponsored by Representatives Severson, Ripp, Bies, Brooks, Czaja, Endsley, Kestell and Murtha.

Wisconsin ATV / UTV Association (WATVA).

WATVA promotes shared leaderships that strengthen the ability of organizations at the most local level. To best support and offer effective assistance to our members, our focus remains on helping form new OHV groups, offering meaningful help to existing ones, promoting a positive image in all things we do, and by establishing a communications network in which all can share their successes or ask for assistance with particular challenges. WATVA remains committed to provide educational programs and materials for youth and adults alike, to encourage awareness of the impact we all have on the future of the sport and industry of off-highway vehicles (OHV) (


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