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Why We Fight!

No public lands advocacy effort can affect access on the ground without a continual and effective presence in the court. Citizens who use and enjoy motorized vehicles are aggressively targeted by numerous and heavily-funded anti-access special interests. Access-friendly decisions must be defended, and improper decisions must be challenged.

This is why BRC formed our Legal Action program. Our goal is to defend responsible OHV and snowmobile use in court. Our goal is to ensure no judge makes a decision to close a route or area without hearing from the people who use vehicles to visit public lands.

It is not an easy or glamorous job. The legal cards are often stacked against us, and some enthusiasts grow tired of the fight and the fundraising. But, OHV folks that are weary of hearing about what must seem like endless "losses" in court must realize that the anti-access proclamations overrate their victory on the ground. Regardless of all their millions spent on lawyers, there are still a lot of good riding opportunities open. That shows that with only a fraction of the funding the "big green" groups need, we can achieve impressive results.

When the BlueRibbon Coalition was formed 25 years ago, it brought enthusiasts together in one national voice.  We fight because it's the right thing to do. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Learn more about our Legal Program here: