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State Specific News says road access to new Wilderness is needed.... say what?

A small step for access to boaters-only wilderness 
In the plodding fashion that characterizes everything the U.S. Senate does, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley slightly increased the odds this month that the public will enjoy adequate access to the proposed Cathedral Rock Wilderness beside the John Day River. The two deserve credit ... and further encouragement.

The Democratic duo reintroduced legislation that would create a pair of wilderness areas, the other being the Horse Heaven Wilderness, by swapping smallish bits of federal land for private property. In almost all respects, the proposal is great idea. It would better segregate private and public land, in the process reducing trespassing problems for private property owners, easing management challenges for federal officials and giving the public fewer but larger parcels in which to recreate.

Unfortunately, recreating in one of the two wilderness areas, the Cathedral Rock Wilderness, would require a watercraft of some sort, even though a road runs right up one side of the property. Muddy Creek Road provides access to a few chunks of BLM land at the moment, but the Merkley/Wyden proposal would swap them for private land, creating a wilderness area separated from the road by the thinnest strip of private property. A map of the proposed wilderness may as well include a wall topped with razor wire.

The public would enjoy road access to the proposed Horse Heaven Wilderness nearby, but there's no compelling reason why road access shouldn't exist for both areas.

New Mexico
NM counties concerned with forest travel planning

Grant County Commission opposes travel plan in Gila National Forest

Gila travel plan raises many opinions at County Commission meeting
An interesting turn came when NRA member and avid hunter Daniel Patterson approached the podium. Patterson has been hunting the Gila for years and insists that hunting in the Gila is degraded, not improved, by allowing ATVs and other vehicles in such a wide area.

"It just continues this mentality that you almost have to hunt from your truck," said Patterson.

He also pointed out that the condition of those roads was so terrible that no car and not even all trucks were able to travel them

Commenters take issue with Taos' Camino Real travel plans

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U.S. Forest service plans to consolidate Nez Perce and Clearwater Forests

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LInyo National Forest
Residents can help shape new Forest Plan

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