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BRC's Recreation News 04.02.10: Ignorance on display in WSJ, BFG's 5 Outstanding Trails, News from MT, AR - TX, UT, OR, CO and a Bonus

Ignorance on display in the Wall Street Journal's blog
A WSJ opinion blog post from writers who have ZERO knowledge about what it's like to have 2/3 of your state controlled by un-elected bureaucrats sitting behind some desk two thousand miles away. The dog on your couch analogy is rich... This is precisely why our founding fathers included the Enclave Clause in the Constitution. They knew all too well what the “King's Forest” was all about...

‘We Have to Do Something’: More on Utah’s Jab at the Feds

Recreationists are holding their breath as unelected bureaucrat decides who gets to enjoy "our" public lands - and who gets locked out...

Roadblock ahead? Forest manager could decide to deny wilderness access for bicycles and ATVs

This year's BFG 5 Outstanding Trails... (drumroll)
BFGoodrich Tires Announces Five Outstanding Trails for 2010


FS Chief Tom Tidwell and Senator Blanche Lincoln tour ATV trails slated for closure on Ouachita NF
(registration required for whole story)

Tim Kiser from Tim's Yamaha and Polaris in Mena, Arkansas, sent us word that the meeting with Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell and Senator Blanche Lincoln was positive. At the meeting, Tim and the local OHV clubs stressed that they wanted to work with the Forest Service on the issues at hand and proceed in a positive direction towards keeping the roads and trails open for public use.

In addition to Senator Lincoln, Tim made sure to thank the Ouachita ATV Club, Mena Chamber of Commerce, Congressman Ross and Senator Pryor for all their help.

BRC is proud to have assisted the local folks in writing an appeal to the Ouachita's Travel Plan, which was so poorly written we dubbed it “The Outrage on the Ouachita.” View our appeal here:

Background info:
Lawsuits Loom On Forest Trail Plan

DON'T MISS THIS!!,0,6999794.story

Caption Senator Blanche Lincoln and US Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell speak to Tim Kiser from the Ouachita ATV Club about trail closures on the Ouachita NF.

Senator Blanche Lincoln and US Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell speak to Tim Kiser from the Ouachita ATV Club about trail closures on the Ouachita NF.

NOTE: Our Utah land use update is being held pending information on key land use legislation (not the Matheson bill below). As soon as we verify information, we'll be blasting. Stay tuned!

Matheson wants to expand wilderness

Public input sought for national forest planning rule

Related: USFS Planning Rule meetings announced for Utah

Forest plans to be revised

Proposed Action released for Blue Mountains forests

Attention OR, WA & ID - Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision is Out - Meetings Scheduled for April

Also related...
USFS Planning Rule meetings announced for pacific northwest region

Silly Season beginning in Oregon...

Governor's race green debate
Gubernatorial debate held at PSU draws a big crowd

BoCC wants multiple use, property rights in BLM plan

Yesterday there was a kind-of-amusing April Fool story on Hidden Gems. I like that Britney Spears is now the head of the Hidden Gems campaign, but Lady GaGa would have been better!
April Fool's: Gems adds Glenwood Canyon to wilderness bid
Britney Spears takes the reins of regional conservation group

Rhetorical question of the week:
From Robert Jones, Santa Maria, California, as asked in a letter printed in the San Louis Obispo County  NewTimes (it's amazing they let Jones' letter be printed)

     "Do those who condemn off-roaders want ghost towns?"
Yes, Robert, they do.

Do those who condemn off-roaders want ghost towns?

Public radio doing what public radio does

Nevermind the Asbestos, Riders Want Back in at Clear Creek

Also from public radio...
As Off-Road Casualties Mount, ATV Industry Straddles the Safety Debate

Ya know... a few years back we set our newsfeed criteria to find articles on people injured horseback riding, bicycling and skiing. The amount of stories we received was overwhelming. Seriously, hundreds of accidents, serious injuries and deaths landing in our inbox on a weekly basis. I didn't have to wonder why these stories didn't get the kind of national attention that ATV injuries did. These stories here aren't about recreation-related injuries as much as it is about further demonizing OHV and snowmobile people to the general public.

I envy the foundation funding of our adversaries. It allows them to hire full time staff for the sole purpose of getting positive “puff” pieces in the media. SUWA has been mastering this sort of PR effort for years, but the Great Old Broads for Wilderness isn't far behind:

Paying “rent” to Mother Nature: The Great Old Broads for Wilderness

Mothering Nature

December 8, 2011 2:36 PM

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This land is my land  - Current wilderness legislation is underlining an ideological conflict over public land use

December 6, 2011 4:35 PM
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December 1, 2011 3:29 PM
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