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Bark Beetle Epidemic

Congressional Spotlight on U.S. Forest Service stewardship of America's National Forest
Overdue — Under-reported


What is responsible for Colorado's bark beetle epidemic? What are the impacts? What can be done?

Click image to watch the spread of the Mountain Pine Beetle from 1996 to 2009.


Dear BRC members and supporters,

The House Natural Resources Subcommittees on Water and Power and on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands have been holding field hearings looking into various management issues generally related to how the U.S. Forest Service is managing our National Forests.

Subcommittee hearings were held September 19, 2011, in Sacramento, California, March 12, 2012, in Elko, Nevada, May 14, 2012, in Montrose, Colorado, and one is scheduled for Monday, May 21, 2012 in Longview, Washington,. Among the topics investigated by the subcommittees,

BRC has prepared a report to our members and supporters on key findings of these important hearings. It's titled: Congressional Spotlight on U.S. Forest Service stewardship of America's National Forest: Overdue, underreported, underestimated

As you might expect, the media is ignoring this important debate. The bulk of the reporting has been mostly limited to local media. Information uncovered by the committee certainly is newsworthy.
     » Local governments denounced several of the new USFS Travel Plans
     » Cattlemen and local communities say USFS is holding their water rights hostage.
» National Forest Crisis: Bark beetle devastates over 40 million acres, the USFS is unable to respond 

BRC staffers attended three of the subcommittee hearings and were struck by the level of frustration from local residents. OHV users, once the canary in the coal mine on de-facto wilderness management, now sing in a chorus of campers, sportsmen, county commissioners, business and non-motorized visitors who, quite simply, will no long going accept an inept and unresponsive federal bureaucracy.

Our report highlights the key problems uncovered, includes opinion and analysis from key OHV leaders across the west, and inside info from BRC's legal team. Finally, we outline BRC's efforts to (finally) bring some sanity back in to the management of our Nation's public lands.

Important note:
We wanted to especially thank to our members and contributors. Your longstanding support enables BRC  to participate in these important hearings and bring the info back to you, our loyal members and supporters. Thank you!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Brian Hawthorne                                           Ric Foster
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