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Mi-TRALE Update - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11, 2012 9:17 PM
Mi-TRALE Update - Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NEW Mi-TRALE Western UP ORV Trail Maps are in and available!

It was 7 years ago that Mi-TRALE put out it's first ORV Map.  It was a map of the few trails we had in Ontonagon County and we printed it on a legal size piece of paper.  Then 4 years ago, after working on getting hundreds of miles of new trails in 5 Western UP Counties, getting the 5 County Boards to open County Roads to ORV Travel, and most importantly getting the support of many advertisers, Mi-TRALE put out it's 1st Western UP ORV Trail Map.  After a couple years, we added trails and re-released a map.

Now, 11 years after a small group of people that had the vision to form Mi-TRALE, we have released the BEST Western (and portions of the Central UP) ORV Map to date!  The new map includes miles and miles of new trails!  This new map was made possible by a grant from Yamaha Motor Corporation, and numerous FANTASTIC Map Advertisers!
The maps are being distributed to those advertisers as I am writing this update.  The map is also available by contacting or by contacting  You can also purchase a map by stopping or writing the Mi-TRALE Business Offices, 610 Greenland Road, Ontonagon, MI 49953.  If you are using snail mail, the maps are $5.00.  If you are going to a map advertiser or stopping at the Mi-TRALE Business Offices, the maps are $3.00.
Now if you're business would like to sell maps, contact Linda Schulz at 
Mi-TRALE Annual Membership Campaign is NOW ON.
Everyone's membership ends on May 31st of each year.  It is Membership dues that provides for the funding of the operation of Mi-TRALE, along with Trail development, maintenance, and signing.  The funding for the maintenance and signing of many of the Trails and Preferred Routes is TOTALLY dependent upon Membership Dues.
This year, Mi-TRALE has set a goal of having 150 members.  Last year, Mi-TRALE surpassed 100 members for only the 2nd time in it's short 10 year history.  Not only do we need our members to renew, we are also asking that you help us in getting NEW members to join.  The membership includes a subscription to the 4 "Trail Tales" Magazines, the NEW Mi-TRALE logo decal to affix to your ORV, Mi-TRALE membership card, and most importantly knowing that YOU are a part of a very PRO-ACTIVE Multi-Use Trails Organization.
Mi-TRALE Trail Work bee's:
This is always a very busy time of the year, however this spring is even busier then ever as Mi-TRALE volunteers will be putting up ORV Trail Signs on the new DH, BP, BPW, and MB Trails, along with new signs on the extension of the CR Preferred Route.  Mi-TRALE volunteers will also be replacing hundreds of signs and posts.  Mi-TRALE will also be putting up the new MDNR ORV Trail Signs on the P Trail, which starting this year will be a MDNR DESIGNATED ORV ROUTE!  The P Trail is the trail that TRALE-UP (our previous organization) built with the help of the Michigan National Guard, US Army Reserve, Ottawa National Forest, and Michigan DNR in 1995.
While much of this trail is in the Ottawa National Forest, we have sections of the P Trail that is on Private Land.  TRALE-UP secured the Private Landowner Agreements over 15 years ago, Mi-TRALE got them renewed over the years.  However, Mi-TRALE has to abide by the wishes and rules of these Private Landowners, one of which will not allow Off Road Motorcycles on the portion of land that the P Trail is on that Private Land.   You will see that identified on the new map.
With all this work that has to be done, our Trail Boss, Mike Schulz of Running Bear Resort is setting up 'work bee's' for the MDNR Designated ORV Trails first.  This includes the IRM, SB, BN, and P Trail.  Once we have those trails checked for windfall, and signed, we will then be looking for volunteers to help replace signs on the E, PF, LL, and C Trails and the F, G, NR, CR, and CE Preferred Routes.
Mike will have the scheduled 'work-bee's' for those trails and routes posted on our Mi-TRALE website; and our Mi-TRALE Facebook page. 
Mi-TRALE wants again will be offering FREE Youth ORV Safety Classes!
Every year Mi-TRALE Certified DNR Youth Safety Instructors provides the MANDATORY MDNR Youth Safety Classes for children between the ages of 11 and 16.  Michigan STATE LAW requires that ALL children between the ages of 12 and 16 have passed a MDNR Youth ORV Safety Class.  In addition to the required MDNR Class, and with the support of Polaris Industries, Mi-TRALE also has 2 Polaris Youth ATV's for Field Training.
This year, Mi-TRALE is sending Mike Schulz to the MDNR Youth ORV Safety Instructor Academy.  Mi-TRALE also has submitted referrals on 2 other members to become MDNR Certified ORV Youth Safety Instructors.  This will provide myself with additional Mi-TRALE Instructors in providing even MORE Youth ORV Safety Classes.  Keep watching the Mi-TRALE Website and Facebook pages for the dates and locations of those classes.
It is through YOUR Mi-TRALE membership, that Mi-TRALE provides this Youth ORV Safety Training FOR FREE!
Mi-TRALE working TOGETHER with other ORV Clubs and Associations!
Once again this year, I was honored to be asked to be a Workshop speaker at this years Wisconsin ATV Association Annual Meeting and Convention.  Last year I was proud to talk about the Mi-TRALE Senior Citizen Fall Color Tour, and this year I will be talking about the proper and successful way to write Press Releases for both Print and Broadcast.  It will be at the upcoming April 20-22nd WATVA Annual Meeting outside of Wausau, WI, that Mi-TRALE's Mike and Linda Schulz will have a table set up with Mi-TRALE membership information and to sell our new Map.
Hope to see many of you at this years WATVA Annual Convention, April 20-22nd.
Not only is Mi-TRALE VERY proud to be a member of WATVA and to work with WATVA's Trail Tales Magazine, Mi-TRALE also has a leadership role on the new Upper Peninsula ORV Trail Development Association.  It was on March 19th that the UP ORV TDA held an important meeting with Michigan Legislators (State and Federal), MDNR, MDOT, MDEQ, and USFS.
It will be on Saturday, April 28th, that the UP ORV TDA will hold it's first Annual Membership Meeting.  This meeting will take place at Northern Michigan University in Marquette.  The UP ORV TDA Board will be meeting in the morning, with the membership meeting in the afternoon.  You will be able to find all the details on this meeting on the UP ORV Association page on Facebook.
Mi-TRALE will also have a seat on the Board of Directors of the Lake States Resource Alliance.  The LSRA brings multiple stakeholders together from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
I have been honored to be asked to help in the formation of a new Trail Club in the Ironwood, MI., area. This new club will hold it's second organizational meeting at Hautala's, next to the Ironwood Airport, on Sunday Night, April 22nd.  I will also be working to either re-establish or build a new ORV Club in the Iron Mountain, MI., area.
Mi-TRALE also continues to have Board members that are active and participate in Search and Rescue.  These Mi-TRALE members go through monthly Search and Rescue Training.  Search and Rescue is LOOKING for Mi-TRALE members with proficient skills on an ORV, Off Road Motorcycle, and/or Horseback to be a part of Search and Rescue.
Mi-TRALE took the lead on new Michigan ORV Legislation!
With the FANTASTIC help and support of Michigan State Senator Tom Casperson, Michigan State Representative Matt Huuki, Senator Casperson's aide, Kendra Everett, and Rep Huuki's aide, Joy Brewer, legislation that Mi-TRALE helped write has been introduced in both the Michigan State House of Representatives and Michigan State Senate.
The legislation includes allowing for ORV Trails to be developed and maintained on the Right of Way and Shoulder of select Michigan State and Federal Highways under very specific conditions.  This includes allowing ORV's to cross on State Highway Bridges.  However before any section of Right  of Way and/or shoulder and/or bridge to be open to ORV's, it will have to get the permission from the County Board of Commissioners.
Another piece of legislation deals with 1% of State Gas Tax Revenues that goes into the Recreational Improvement Fund (RIF).  Currently in the RIF Fund, 80% goes to Boating, 14% goes to Snowmobiling, and 6% goes to the DNR.  The new legislation would now have Boating getting 70%, Snowmobiles staying at 14%, DNR would still get 4%, and for the FIRST TIME, the ORV Community would get 12%.
The new legislation also provides for a weekend every year where an ORV would not need an ORV Trail Sticker.  Another part of the new legislation would deal with the "Event" Permit/Fee DNR Administrative Rule.
Now ALL of this legislation has ONLY been introduced to the appropriate House and Senate Committee's.  ALL of this legislation is FAR from being put into law.  It has to pass through the committee's, then pass the House of Representatives, and the State Senate AND be signed by Governor Snyder.  However, NONE of this legislation would have even been introduced into the House and Senate if it were not for Rep Huuki and Sen Casperson.  Mi-TRALE cannot thank Joy Brewer and Kendra Everett, legislative aides for Rep Huuki and Sen Casperson enough!
Mi-TRALE TRULY is a Multi-Use Trails Organization! 
Once again this year Mi-TRALE will continue to work with the Ottawa National Forest on improvements and maintenance of the Courtney Equestrian Trails.  While this scenic and fun trail has been and is currently open for horseback riders, Mi-TRALE volunteers will be working on making those trails even better.  This October, Mi-TRALE members will be participating in a Fun Camp-out, old-fashioned cook-out, and horseback ride.  We'll have more information on that in future updates.  If you would like to help with this trail or know more about the October ride, contact Cathy Wainio by going to our website.
Mi-TRALE will also be working with the Michigan DNR on the first State Park Off Road Trek (SPORT) Ride on June 16th.  This ride will go from the Baraga State Park to the Twin Lakes State Park, two of only 3 Michigan State Parks that are OPEN to ORV Camping.  The ride, open to Off Road Motorcycles, ATV's, and Side by Sides, will include lunch, raffle, and vendor displays.  Here's the best part, the ride is FREE, all you need is the MDNR ORV Trail Sticker.  The MDNR will be putting out a Press Release with all the information on this VERY FUN weekend!  Here is your chance to check out the NEW DH, BP, and BPW trails!
Once again this Fall, Mi-TRALE will be hosting our 5th Annual Senior Citizen Fall Color Tour.  This ride provides Senior Citizens with the chance to ride in a Side by Side during the most beautiful time of the year, fall color-rama!  The ride always takes place on the 4th Thursday of September. This years ride will be on September 27th!
Since Mi-TRALE stands for, Michigan Trails and Recreation Alliance of Land and the Environment, our organization is MUCH MORE then just an ORV Organization.  Thus we needed to change our logo.  You can see the new logo on our web-site, Once you go to the website, PLEASE click on the apparel page and order clothing, and caps with the new logo.!
Sorry for the long's just that Mi-TRALE HAS A LOT GOING ON RIGHT NOW.  Please don't forget to either re-new your membership and/or become a NEW member, and help Mi-TRALE in getting new members.  Let's reach our goal of 150 members.

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