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Land Use Outlook, June 2006

by Brian Hawthorne,
BRC Public Lands Director

An Invitation: I have an invitation I'd like to pass along to you. Ric's Foster, BRC's Public Lands Assistant, is working with NASA engineers on enhancing our Land Use Weather Satellite. He's been focusing that hi-tech hardware on identifying exactly where the USDA Forest Service is on their travel planning process in each individual ranger district. (Is anyone surprised that the FS doesn't provide this information to the public?) As you know, the FS's new motorized travel rule requires all motorized vehicle use be limited to designated roads, trails and areas. In many forest and ranger districts, designated travel plans are either completed or underway. However, many still allow cross-country travel and must begin travel planning in the next few months. Compiling this information has been quite a task. Ric's been on the phone talking with FS planners all over the nation. As info comes in, Ric passes it along to BRC volunteers and member clubs. Well, as it happens, those emails have become quite popular with our members. Many of you have emailed me with kind words for Ric and the valuable info he provides. Ric's List is different from our Action Alert list. Our Action Alert list functions as BRC's formal urgent action and update communication effort. Ric's List differs in that it's not state specific. Ric will let you know about planning in other parts of the country and even on state and private lands. He also sometimes includes news clips and stories about recreational access issues. Ric also keeps an eye on legislation. And, he sometimes passes along pithy commentary from BRC staff and volunteers. If you want to get on Ric's List, you must request he add you to his address book. Just send an email to and ask to be added. Brian Hawthorne BRC Public Lands Director --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HAWAII: According to a story in the April 22, 2006, edition of The Garden State, off-road motorcyclists and bicyclists are forming an association to lobby state and county government officials to use public lands on Kauai. A meeting to discuss the formation of the Combined Off Road Riders of Kauai was attended by some 20 to 25 recreationists in Anola. Danny Lampley, spokesman for the group, said motorcycle groups on other islands have won the right to use public lands for their sport, and motorcyclists and bicyclists on Kaua'i want to be afforded that same opportunity. Lampley said he believes problems can be worked out if both sides are willing to see the other's point of view. The group's goals will be to protect existing trails and create new ones across the island. For more info about the Combined Off-Road Riders of Kauai, contact Danny Lampley at 808-482-1480. NEVADA AND CALIFORNIA: The BLM Yuma Field Office is revising its management plan for 1.2 million acres along the lower Colorado River in southwest Arizona and southeast California. The planning area is located in Yuma, portions of La Paz and portions of Maricopa Counties in Arizona, and portions of both Imperial and Riverside Counties in California. This planning process will identify BLM's management actions on the public lands for the next 15-20 years. The BLM is scheduled to release a Draft Management Plan in June of 2006. For more information, call Micki Bailey, RMP Team Leader at 928-317-3200. More info on the web: . NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY: The legislative season has been brutal for citizens who use motorized vehicles for access and recreation in both the Empire and Garden States. In New York, this year marks the third year the NY legislature let the ATV registration bill, which would fund the development and maintenance of OHV trails die for lack of action. In New Jersey, another piece of bad legislation was introduced last month. The political weather in this region is stormy. OHV and other recreationists need to build political clout if they want to weather the storm. According to our super accurate NASA funded access weather satellite, the weather system causing these storms also results in ordinances that all but eliminate OHV use on private land. For example, according to the American Motorcyclists Association (AMA), an ordinance passed in Riverside California is so strict that in some areas a homeowner could be in violation if he operated an electric toothbrush at his property line. Our Access Weather team spoke to Terry Cook of the AMA, and he predicts our Access Weather Radar will detect this weather system not only in high profile places like Riverside County, California but York County, Pennsylvania; Marion County, Florida; Prince William County, Virginia; Rockford, Illinois and scores of other local jurisdictions. Each attempting to severely limit the operation of motorcycles and ATVs of any size, even on the riders own property. The AMA has some really effective tools for developing the ability to muster grassroots political action. Our Land Use Weather Center highly recommends AMA's Ride in to Political Action Seminars. For info, contact Terry Lee Cook at or 800-262-5646. WHITE PINE COUNTY, NEVADA: Residents in Nevada's White Pine County can get involved with OHV planning on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service (FS) lands in the South Steptoe Valley. The BLM has established the South Steptoe Technical Review Team, representing area landowners, ranchers, the general public, user groups, local government, state and federal agencies and other interested parties, to develop a plan. Proponents say that the consensus-based plan will increase recreational opportunities while improving public land health. For more info, call Mike Brown, Public Affairs Specialist at BLM's Ely office at 775-753-0386. MONTANA: Kerry White, from Citizens for Balanced Use alerted our Access Weather Center on the impending release of the Final Travel Plan for the Gallatin National Forest. Despite a major effort to actively participate in the travel plan process, White is not optimistic. He said, "Lets just say, 'we're raising legal action funds.'" White said he expects the Final Plan to be released for public review and comment in coming months. "Tell your members to keep an eye out for an Action Alert on the Gallatin," White said. In addition to the Gallatin, the FS is moving rapidly on travel planning on the Lewis and Clark NF. The FS has released five alternatives for summer travel plans for the Little Belt Mountains. Maps of the five alternative summer travel plans covering the Little Belt and Castle Mountains and the north half of the Crazy Mountains are posted on the Internet . Three winter travel alternatives also are under review. The Jefferson Division plan includes lands in the Judith, Belt Creek, White Sulphur Springs and Musselshell ranger districts. The Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association submitted alternative three to the FS. This excellent alternative identified potential connections for loop routes that could be designated for OHV use. It also illustrates the number of motorized roads and trails that are actively used in the forest, said Mona Ehnes, president of the Great Falls Trailbike Riders Association. The public will be able to formally comment on the different summer and winter travel plans after the draft Environmental Impact Statement is released in June. For now, the public is invited to check out the maps and begin generating ideas for improving them, Dodge said.

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