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The BlueRibbon Coalition Legal Program


No public lands advocacy effort can affect access on the ground without a continual and effective presence in the court. Citizens who use and enjoy motorized vehicles are aggressively targeted by numerous and heavily-funded anti-access special interests. Access-friendly decisions must be defended and improper decisions must be challenged.

Historically, pro-access interests have faced several challenges in the legal arena:

  • Without a presence in the courts, closing areas to motorized recreationists becomes the "path of least resistance" for land managers
  • There are few attorneys that are experienced in the specialized blend of administrative law unique to recreational access
  • In the past, motorized recreationists have used financial resources inefficiently and without coordination, resulting in a patchwork "defense" easily pierced by opponents creating bad precedent against which all suffer
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The following is a list of legal cases the BlueRibbon Coalition is actively pursuing. Please select one you are interested in to learn more.

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